Luxury shoe shine brush with handle, 18cm


Our luxury, top quality, handcrafted shoe brush with a good grip handle, will make light work of shining any shoes or boots. Fine natural, dense horsehair set in a varnished FSC certified beechwood handle, will give a high shine to your shoes and boots. Horsehair is a traditional material for a shoe shine brush because, as the brush glides over the surface of the leather, the horsehair makes a friction on the surface; this generates heat that gently melts the polish into the leather and leaves the item with a natural high shine. The traditional oval-shape handle is kind to knuckles, prevents scuffing and enables a completely natural brushing action. Measurements: length 18cm, width 6cm, height 9cm.
This brush is washable in warm soapy water; leave to dry naturally on its bristles.
This luxury brush will make an ideal gift for oneself or for someone else.
We recommend using a polish applicator to apply your polish before shining off with this brush.


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