Hairbrush waxed cherrywood 26.5cm


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Hand crafted from waxed cherrywood and set with 7 rows of stiff black wild boar bristle on a medium oval head. Suitable for all hair types. Natural bristles are extremely good for your hair: bristles will help to reduce static, prevent breakage and keep your hair shiny and healthy looking, as they takes the natural oil from the scalp and draw it through the hair during brushing.
All our hairbrushes are hand crafted from natural materials. Choose the brush most suitable for your hair type and style:
Wooden pins and bristles will not absorb heat during blow drying and are good for long and thick hair. Softer, light bristles are gentler for sensitive scalps and suit most hair types. Stiffer, black boar bristle is good for long hair and thick hair but may be used for all hair types.
After washing always leave the brush to dry on its bristles; this allows easy draining of the water.



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