Military style hairbrush


A traditional military style oval hairbrush for men, hand crafted from high glaze cherry wood  set with stiff, black, wild boar bristle, complete with a presentation box. It is an ideal gift.
Measures 11cm long x 6.5cm wide.

All our hairbrushes are hand made from natural materials. Choose the brush most suitable for your hair type and style: wooden pins and bristle will not absorb heat during blow drying, helps with static and are especially good for long and thick hair, but may be used for all hair types.

Softer, light bristle is gentler for sensitive scalps, thinner hair, or children, but suits most hair types. Generally, for longer or thicker hair, we recommend one of our paddle brushes, but it is a matter of personal preference. We also offer a gentler brush for children and babies.

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