Ostrich feather duster with removable telescopic handle


A long, traditional, ostrich feather duster with a large removable head, telescopic handle which extends between 150 – 220cm long. Able to reach high ceilings, light fittings, window frames, skylights and more, often without the need for steps, it will quickly capture dust and remove it effectively and easily. Perfect for everyday cleaning.

Regarded as the queen of feather dusters, ostrich feathers are constructed from long barbules from a central shaft, each tiny barbule formed with hooked barbicels, so that the feather is made up of mini feathers! Because of this complex, delicate, construction dust is not swept away but captured in the tiny barbules, ensuring it is removed easily and, thanks to the lightness of the feathers, without disturbing the items being dusted.

Being a natural product, feather colour and shape may vary from those shown. The ostrich feathers that we use originate in South Africa and are ethically gathered from sustainable sources.


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