Oval massage brush for dry-brushing, 13.5cm


Our hand crafted, FSC certified oiled beechwood and stiff natural tampico plant fibres massage brush, comes with a 100% cotton belt for ease of use. Slip your hand into the belt for easy grip. Use for dry brushing and exfoliation of dead skin cells from the body, which will leave your skin looking and feeling healthy, aids circulation and improves radiance., and help to rid the skin of the orange peel effect (cellulitis).

How to use the brush: Massage skin using small, circular or upward strokes, starting from the feet and work towards the heart, then again with the arms above your head, work with small strokes from the the hand down towards the heart, keep massaging until the skin becomes warm, or for a few minutes. If you are new to dry brushing, start by choosing the right brush and doing it two to three time per week. Perhaps a bristle brush would be best, as it is much softer than the plant fibres.

Measuriring 13.5 cm long by 6.5 cm wide

Our massage brushes comes in a choice of oval shapes, or with a handle. To keep the brush in tip-top condition, please re-oiled the wooden part of the brush from time to time, using linseed oil.



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